Azusa, Calif.— Wynn’s, a division of Illinois Tool Works Inc., has introduced a new Diesel Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Cleaning Service for modern Ford 6.0L diesel engines — a fast and efficient service that thoroughly cleans and removes EGR manifold deposit buildup.

This innovative new service can effectively remove carbon buildup from diesel EGR cooler and induction systems, restore lost flow through the EGR cooler, and help eliminate low-EGR flow codes. It can also help avoid costly teardown of the turbo/manifolding system and component replacement.

This three-part cleaning system is comprised of:

Step 1: Wynn’s Diesel EGR System Cleaner (p/n A6401)
Wynn’s Diesel EGR System Cleaner aerosol produces thick foam that uniformly fills and coats the tubing, piping and manifolds of the EGR cooler and outlet areas. The foam breaks and mobilizes deposits so they can be safely removed. This first cleaning step is completed in about 15 to 20 minutes.

Step 2: Wynn’s Diesel Induction System Cleaner (p/n A6501)
Wynn’s Diesel Induction System Cleaner is then applied through the EGR valve applicator tool with then engine running to loosen, dissolve and clean deposits stemming from dirty EGR flow into the intake manifold. Cleaning with step 2 typically takes 12 to 20 minutes.

Step 3: Wynn’s Diesel Charge (p/n 18001)
Wynn’s Diesel Charge is a high-dose polyether detergent that effectively cleans diesel injectors in just one tank full. Diesel Charge restores full injector flow and proper injector spray pattern. A properly operating fuel system improves performance and reduces soot emissions, thereby slowing the reoccurrence of harmful exhaust-related carbon buildup.

When used as a system, Wynn’s Diesel EGR System Cleaning Service loosens, dissolves and cleans carbonaceous particulates and other combustion by-products from affected systems. It also helps prevent rapid reoccurrence.

“Fuel efficiency and performance is on everyone’s mind these days,” said Arnold Gacita, Wynn’s Director of North America Sales and Marketing. “Wynn’s Diesel EGR System Cleaning Service is a great way to keep modern Ford diesel engines operating at the top of their game.”

For more information on Wynn’s Diesel EGR System Cleaning Service, as well as the complete line of Wynn’s automotive car care products, visit  or contact your local professional car care or service center.

About Wynn’s
Wynn’s traces its history to 1939 when the original Wynn’s Friction Proofing Oil Treatment formula was first developed and introduced to the automotive market. Almost seventy years after the introduction of that single product, Wynn’s has grown to become a leading worldwide manufacturer and marketer of innovative automotive specialty chemicals, service equipment and Complete Automotive Maintenance Programs (C.A.M.P.).